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Patient QR is an App designed to facilitate the transfer of medical information from a patient to a provider in a secure fashion.  Users of the App will fill out and keep their own personal health and their families information, including medications and allergies, in a file on their phone.  When visiting an Emergency Room, Doctor, or EMT, a patient will show their Patient QR code, stored in their phone’s wallet, to allow their medical professionals to instantaneously have access to the users records, recent labs, and Radiology studies, saving time and possibly saving lives.

During an emergency, seconds matter.  It’s time to stop having to fill out 10 pages of paperwork when entering an Emergency Room.  Patient QR allows users and their medical professionals to save invaluable time and in medicine, saving time translates into saving lives.
Patient QR allows users to fill out all of their medical and insurance information in advance for the user and their family.  It also allows them to upload and store important lab and radiology results.  This information is then kept securely on the user’s phone’s as a QR code.  By the user voluntarily showing the QR code to EMT’s, Emergency Rooms, Pediatricians, or Family Physicians, the user instantaneously gives a copy of their medical information to the health care professions that urgently need this information to help the user.
This App will save users and health care providers invaluable time and will decrease medical errors by minimizing the chance of forgetting an allergy or a medication the user is taking.

Your QR Code

This is your QRMed QR Code. When scanned by the doctors, this will provide all your important medical data to the doctors.


Your Personal Details

You can save your personal details on this screen


Your Current Medications

This will show a list of all the medications you are currently on.


Your Family Members

You can save the medical data of your family members, so that you too have their information for when the emergency situation arrives


Your Medical History

Your medical history will be seen on this screen. This will be helpful for the doctors treating new patients


Your Insurance Details

This screen will show all the insurance plans that you have subscribed.


"Patient QR has ability to transform the way we practice medicine, by streamlining the transfer of information from patient to provider"
- Jared Smith
CEO, Broward Health Coral Springs

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Patient QR

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